October 2-3, 2011 - Ali, then NACS

We meet Ali across town at the Pierrot Gourmet for quiches and positively decadent hot chocolate. (Well, Ella got blueberry pancakes that she ended up wearing home.)

We tell Ella that she has to leave breakfast, Ali, and Chicago.

So, as the girls head to Midway on this Sunday morning (Ella's 16th different airport), I head to work.

Booth setup was a lot of time leading up to this week - then several hours on Saturday (unfortunately during the Georgia-Miss St game).

But, it turned out good.

I like seeing all my bosses relaxed, standing back even, just shooting the breeze, waiting for the show to officially open.

Yep, it isn't the sexiest industry - software for convenience stores - but I honestly like it.

Stephen is happy the show is finally on.

One of our demo stations...

Now, onto the fun part of show weeks - dinners.
Acually, getting leads is fun, too, but this is purely fun.
Tonight is Lou Malnati's - another one of the top pizza joints in Chicago.

As good as it was, I actually prefered the more touristy Gino's East from Friday.
This was really good, though.