October, 2011 - Misc. pics

The bounty from this year's NACS tradeshow.

We take Ella to Cheeky for lunch, where she gnaws on some ahi.

She liked it, despite the spicy ancho rub it had.

We discovered a male wren was using a corner of our front purch for a sleeping space.

A house that few other people care about.

So that she doesn't get so attached to any particular stuffed animal, we've been switching out a lamb and a monkey.
Jill added a third animal to the rotation - a green elephant.

Ella barracaded herself into her kitchen with toys.

She can make a mess.

She sure is cute, though.

I bring my work iPad/Apple TV home and connect it up so we can Skype wirelessly on the big screen.

Teté really enjoyed that.

Ella and I make a lego bridge,

then make the lego people climb to the top to kiss - over and over.

Ella is laughing the whole time.

My wine room arrives in nine very large boxes.

Ella dons Teté's vampire cape to go scare mommy.

She's too cute ot be scary, but

that doesn't stop her from trying.

Instead, she gets attacked by mommy the tickle monster.