September 30b, 2011 - Chicago, Harbor & the walk back

What better way to spend the afternoon in Chicago when it starts to drizzle (and you don't want to walk back to your hotel) than to take a harbor tour.
I couldn't decide which picture to post - this pretty one

or this one with Ella's hair in her face.

On the boat, Ella meets to nice ladies from Monterrey, Mexico.

Interesting look back at the city.

The cruise goes past the Chicago Harbor light

and breakers, protecting the harbor from the rougher waters of Lake Michigan.

Stephen and my girls marvel at such waves for a lake.

Teté loves the water.

A fire boat (still a foreign concept to me) passes by.

The John Hancock Building (a scene for tomorrow's posting) dominates the northern skyline.

Happy to be here.

As we sail back, Ella and I take a moment to cut a rug to some Sam Cooke ("Cupid... hep me!")

After an hour or so, we head back toward Navy Pier.

But not before Tet%233; asserts her dominance over the lighthouse.

Ella's hair shows the wind the most, but it is blustery up on deck.

For dinner - Cheezborger, Cheezborger.

It is a sketchy little place under the prettier surface streets of Chicago.

The lady has no interest in conversation or pictures.
"What you want? Double is best. Coke? Coke?"

Stephen contemplates his fate as he surveys such menu options as 'chicken milk.'

By now, Ella is totally relaxed with Stephen, figuring he's a new part of the family.

As we walk back, Teté looks up Marylin's dress.

Stephen carries Ella all the way back to the hotel.
I know she's lighter than his boys, but that's still a bit of a trek.
She's cool with it, though!