September 30a, 2011 - Chicago, Pizza and Navy Pier

After a quick jaunt to O'Hare and a cab ride,

we hit the streets or Chicago.

First stop: Gino's East - the original.

The walls are all decorated like a tourist trap,

but the pizza is the real deal.

Look at it - the Meaty Legend.

One piece is a meal.

Teté shows hers off.

Stephen Rogers giggles at the site of it, but we tear into it and go through it, even after some beers and apps.

Then, back to the streets and towards

Navy Pier.

Ella starts shy, but is now opening up to Stephen.

Ella and I play a kiss-kiss game on the stage in the middle of the mall.

Teté poses in front of the Chi-town skyline.

We have to take on with our little travel gnome, too.

The girls set off down the pier.

We have to stop for some photo ops, though.

One last shot, then we hit the water...