September 25, 2011 - Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden visits always start with the Canopy Walk.
Ella loves her freedom

and the fun seats.

She's gotten very brave and wanders along the paths ahead of us.

The Cascade Gardens are always a good photo op.

The butterflies are out in full force today.

As are the bees. They're hard to find, but there are a dozen or more in this picture.

Out in front of the Fuqua Center, Ella searches for goldfish in the pond.

Mom joins the hunt.

What does this squirrel have in its mouth?

A baby squirrel!
(I've never seen this before.)

Ella stops to smell lots of the flowers.

Then, she wanders ahead again.

She asks for something - it takes us a while to figure it out...

She wanted to sit in the frog's lap and have it read to her.

Ella lifts her dress to wave to mommy...

Not sure about the waterfall...

Unexplainable picture, but a good day.