September 24, 2011 - Rich & Katherine's Baby Shower/Pig Roast

The pig is ready,

so we start cutting

and nibbling

and gnawing.

So much pig to cut, but Damien is happy to do it.

Evan goes through a few layers of finger-skin, even through gloves.

But the product is worth it - a helluva spread.

After the fantastic dinner (seriously, best pig I've ever eaten), Rich explains the rules of his progeny triathlon.

It ends in wearing a bra of water ballons and 'milking' them into a jar.

It starts with sucking a white russian out of a baby bottle

which we do with gusto.

Then, as our relay partners start with the bras,

it turns into a water balloon fiasco.

Check out the balloon bouncing off Jason's back.

Rich appears to be the big loser of the event, but looks totally fine with it.

Oh - no one finished, so we all scramble!
For Kevin (my partner), that starts with climbing back onto the deck, but alas, we lost. Theme of the day.

The beverage circle is complete. It started with this bottle and ended with this jar.

Kevin proposes a toast.

We all like it, but we like anything Kevin says.

To baby Wilson!

Damien consumates the toast.

Abs, Mrs. Wilson, and Jill near the end of a great evening.

The party goes on.
What a day.
Congrats and best wishes to Rich & Katherine.