September 24, 2011 - Rich & Katherine's Baby Shower/Pig Roast

Rich & Katherine's place is the setting for this and all of our pig roasts. It looks a lot different after appearing on an episode of 'Curb Appeal.'

The morning starts a bit later than normal, but in typical fashion (getting the pig, which this time, for some reason, came in a box).

Finishing construction of the pit...

The rub (which features Damien paying particular attention to the taint-ial area),

after which he gives the pig one last, sensual massage.

The pig is on. Time for whiskey.


Kyle, Katherine, and Cybil work on the decorations and favors

while the guys watch Georgia beat Ole Miss

(and flip the pig every so often).

Then come the yard games, which is maily Sergio and Larry systematically beating everyone else down to the point of tears

which they cry into their beers.

But all the while, the cooking keeps on keeping on.

So if the pig is on the pit, what's in the grill?

Oh - that may have been unexpected.

Yes, pig cheeks are a delicasy in many parts - and Drew Valley is officially one of those parts.

Jill & Abs are have gorgeous smiles.

Kevin is very happy to be here - not because he's between two hot gals, but because, well, he's been happy since about noon, partaking of some John Dalys (think about what he'd drink instead of Arnold Palmers - yep, 1/2 lemonade and 1/2 sweet tea-flavored vodka).

OK - it has been a long day...
Like a conquistador, Jason scans the horizon for prosperity.
Like a conquistador's former roommate, I pause for a quick nap on his shoulder.

Later: the pig (of course)