September 18, 2011 - Big day at the Zoo!

Oh, it was a great day at the zoo. As always, it starts with a pit stop at the flamingos.

There is a bird show today, so we check that out. This bird responds to commands to fly between the hands of the trainers.

Then, a Harris hawk joins in.
(This is the same kind of bird with which Jill and I got to go falconing a few years back.)

It buzzes the crowd a few times.

They got an African crow to do some painting.

There were all sorts of babies out.
The tigers were especially popular today.

After watching them for a while, Ella says "goodbye tigers."

Off to the elephants.

Jill and Ella watch a training session.

What gorgeous eyelashes!

Ella shows mommy the elephant doing stretching exercises.


Baby blues.

Since it is such a beautiful day, one of the pandas gets to go out in the courtyard.

He's loving the fresh air (and eucalyptus).

Ella always takes a minute here to do some light rock climbing.

As we pass back by the tigers, we get another neat view of mommy and baby.

Ella and Jill watch as

the 'old man of the forest' gives a mid-morning yawn.

A good little Mulcay, Ella takes time to pose with a statue.

OK, most other Mulcays don't kiss statues, but oh well.

Oh, cute.

So many babies out today...

This one gets a piggyback ride.

What a tree!

That's my little girl - LOVING the zoo.
What a day!