September 17, 2011 - UGA vs. Coastal Carolina

It's Saturday in Athens...

Gameday starts at the Tate Center for the Redcoat warm-up.

The Dawg Walk.

Ella likes the band.

"Are... you... reeaaaddddyyy!?!"

Thirty-five 'Satin Silver Sousas.'

Ella gets pumped up.

Taking a break from the pump-up to go climb some stadium steps.

The team warms-up.

Coastal Carolina's "Chanticleer" struts the sidelines.

Stadium shots...


Blowin' 'em out.
We won 59-0 today.

Halftime, and Ella watches the Redcoats - really watches.

Daddy watches the danceline.

...and the danceline.

We head home after halftime so Ella could nap in the car.
It was a good game - and great to see mom out and about!