September 12, 2011 - Fort Myers - day 3

We wake up to a relaxing morning.

Ella loves the pool.

Who's watching her?

We all take a minute to swim.

Gorgeous setting.
(Too bad dad and I have to ruin it...)

Ella and Bogey bonded.
She woke up both mornings, asking for him.

She loves to give him hugs.

Ella enjoys holding Bogey.
I get to enjoy holding both of them.

Sad. Packing up...

In the car, heading to lunch, then home.

We go to a resort overlooking the beach.

Ella and Teté check out the pool area (and its many steps).

The beach is so wide.
Its sand is so soft and white.

I'm sure you wanted to know how far it is to Detroit...

The food - oysters, fish sandwiches, fish salads, etc.
Good stuff.

Afterwards, Suzanne takes Ella around to show her the resort.

A final group picture, then we're off to the airport.

What a great trip!
Thanks, dad & Suzanne!