September 11, 2011 - Fort Myers - day 2b

Back home, after Ella's nap, the Jill, Ella, and Suzanne head out on the golf cart towards the Tiki Hut.
(Dad, Esther, and I follow in the car.)

We stop on the way when we spot a 6' gator.

We get various coladas and daiquiris.
Ella gets a big, strawberry smoothi2.

It's as big as she is!

She tears into it.

Els and I go for a walk around the Tiki Hut beach and get spotted by an osprey.

They're an ahinga in the water,

and a little blue heron on the bank,

and a pretty butterfly on some lantana,

and a bald eagle soars overhead.

Some larger heron flies by (maybe just a large 'little blue heron').

That same osprey takes to the sky.
Wow! So much more wildlife here than in the protected habitat!

Back at the Tiki Hut, Ella helps Esther with her nachos (at least the black olives, which neither girl wants to eat).


Winding down, the girls go splash in one of the many community pools.

A snowy egret guards the bridge.

Teté and Ella find a good spot for a photo.

Well, there are lots of good spots for photos when you have this place for a backdrop - and when you're as pretty as these two girls.

Ah - in the sun is better.

On the way back to the house, we pass a 10-foot gator warming on the bank, maybe 15 feet from the road.

I get a bit too close and spook him,

so he takes to the water.

After dinner, we spy this cloud. I didn't edit the photo, but the one on bottom was really blue in person.
We all commented on how it looked like a glacier.
Sunsets are different here. I credit the humidity.