September 11, 2011 - Fort Myers - day 2a

Ella chills in the morning sunlight.

Time to play with the dogs!

When the dogs go into dad & Suzanne's room, Ella slowly follows.

Back out in the den, Ella gives Putter a hug.
(I know; it looks like Ella is expressing her dominance.)

After breakfast at Marty's, we head out for a mid-morning stroll through Six Mile Cypress Slough.

We walk a couple of miles of boardwalks, looking into the water for fish, birds, and alligators.

Ella and Suzanne watch some turtles.

I like dragonflies. They do really well here, keeping down the mosquito population.

Eerie, but pretty.

Ella rests her legs and tracks some birds flying from tree to tree.

Yup, we're watching you watch wildlife...

Neat branch.

We mainly see hardshell turtles this time (and only a few).

Another neat tree.

Teté and Ella enjoy the boardwalk.

Els leads the charge.

We finally see an alligator - we think about a ten-footer.

An ibis is our closet bird spotting.

It flies to a branch to get in a safer location.

Up above us, it feels better.
We head back to the car, then home.
It was a nice trip through the Slough, even if it was the deadest time we'd ever seen it.