September 10, 2011 - Fort Myers - day 1

"Breakfast in the SkyClub.
Mmmm... cupcake."

"A girl could get used to this."

a couple of hours later, we've had a big seafood lunch at our traditional stop, Skip One, and are relaxing at Dad & Suzanne's new place with the dogs.

While we watch some football, Suzanne takes Esther and Ella around the neighborhood (and the course) on their new golf cart.

Meanwhile, a white egret takes a pause from fishing.

The girls aren't phased. They keep posing.

Movin' on...

The egret goes about its business.

What a setting!
This is the view to the right from dad and Suzanne's new place.

A little later, a great blue heron dries itself in the Florida sun.

A gaggle of ibis.

Ella reluctantly smiles for the camera.
(She'd rather be chasing the birds.)

Correction. Distracted by a splashing tilapia.

Back inside, Esther holds Bogey while Ella plays with his rope toy.
Putter removers herself from the action.

"Here, bogey."

Later in the afternoon, the girls play in the pool.

They love the hot tub

(and its fountain).

Almost time for night-night for the girl.
(Apparently, it already was for the dog.)

Tomorrow: Six Mile Cypress Slough and the Tiki Hut