September 4-7, 2011 - H-Mart, #2, and Corn Muffins

We went to Super H Mart, just to take in the sites.

Ella found this candy-filled doll and wanted to walk around with it.

She had as much fun gawking at all the strange stuff as we did.

On Sept 5 (so, she is exactly 23 months old - if you can call such a random time concept 'exact'), Jill put Ella on the pot for what would be her first successful poopin'.

She looks so little.

She realizes she made progress and wants to check.

Happy girl.

OK - same pics - bigger camera...


The verification.

Mom double-checks.



Off to Jim N Nicks.

Ella doesn't want pictures - she wants to focus on the cheesy corn muffin, which she calls a "cupcake."
(I didn't know she knew that word.)

She eats a whole muffin, a bit of BBQ, creamed spinach, a good deal of mac n cheese, then finishes off my corn muffin.

Big meal.