September 1, 2011 - UMass @ Holy Cross

The biggest benefit of travelling to New England for work (other than perhaps the SkyMiles)... the seafood.
Here is my plate of whole belly clams (and unusually good fries) from the Clam Box.

Driving around Worcester, MA.
(Don't ask. I don't know. But, that is a large roundabout between that building and me.)

Back at the clam box for a lobster sub!
It's like a lobster roll, but hot. This one was filled with eight claws - no scrub meat. Amazing.
If anyone is curious,
here is their menu.

After about 5 years of searching for a Thursday night football game to go to on a business trip, I'm finally in town for one and it is on the quaint campus of the College of the Holy Cross.


I sit myself down (in front of their women's basketball coach, Bill Gibbons, who was nice enough to chat for a while) and enjoy the game.
Here, UMass takes the field.

BTW, it is a crisp, mid-60s night in Worcester, Mass - perfect for football!

Here are the Holy Cross Crusaders.

...and they storm the field.

Here, their Crusader (didn't catch his name) strikes a pose.

Halftime - and the band takes center stage.


They spread out so as to cover more turf...

The big push.
Since I had to start work at 4:30am, I left at the start of the 4th with UMass up by one score.
Great game - and a gorgeous night for football!