August 25, 2011 - Boston, MA

Finally on the U.S.S. Constitution.

Man, those lines are confusing!

Teté poses in front of the Boston skyline.

Ella sees what she thinks is a bed.

Canons and powderkegs greet us as we go down below to explore.

Copper pumping pots adorn the floor.

We go down one more level and eventually realize we're in the crew quarters. The whole area is lined with hammock hooks.
What a place to sleep!

Let's get out of here!

Staying near one, just in case...

Teté finds herself a sailor.

My girls enjoy the boat back across the harbor.

What a cool city.

Since we have to cut the trip a day short, we treat ourselves to a nice dinner.

Teté and her lobster.

We all wear our bibs.
(What you can't see is that under the lobster Jill & I are sharing are a ton of mussels, andouie, shrimp, and steamers.

Boston Cream Pie!

The manager takes a lobster out of the tank to show Ella.

She ate her share of it (calling it cheese), but is utterly freaked out at the site of a live one.
It was a good trip, even if it was rushed. We didn't make it to Maine and New Hampshire like we had planned, but Ella made it to states #10 and #11.