August 25, 2011 - Providence and Cambridge

Ella and Teté head over across the street to the duck pond.

Els finds some geese and tries to go pet them.

The geese keep runnin away.

Ella finds one particular goose and follows him

down the bank

and to the water.

"Why do they keep running away?"

"Come play with me..."

Maybe the little ducks will want to play with you...

Marching through the poo.

Reflecting on a big day.

We drive back through the park, which features this scenic spot, the Temple of Music.

After lunch in Providence's Little Italy (which is really little), we head to Cambridge to watch the freshman move into Harvard.

Ella wants to walk barefoot on the grass.

She finds this tree and poses, actually asking for a picture. I had to take it, of course.

She sees another spot for the picture,

The statue of John Harvard (of as documented in 'The Social Network,' the statue of three lies).

Mom helps Ella get up higher on the statue.

Harvard's Memorial Hall.

Dinner is at
Mr. Bartley's Gourmet Burgers, where we have crazy burgers

and sit elbow-to-elbow with strangers, sharing a table in a really packed place.