August 25, 2011 - Providence, RI

In Boston, Ella rides the rental car shuttle, proudly showing off the wings she earned (along with her first SkyMiles).

We drove straight to Providence last night for dinner.
This is where we stayed - a big hotel in the heart of town.

Across the street from our hotel is a big park.

Next to it is this picturesque building.

The itinerary featured a lot of parks.
This was a neat one in Providence, the Roger Williams Park.

It had a big playground

...and a carousel.

Big girl on a giraffe!

Teté finds a pretty horse.
Teté encontra un caballo guapo.

Els loves it!

Teté does, too.

Enjoying the carousel.
(This was from my phone.)

One ride stops and Ella wants on another...

The park is huge. We walk over to the Japanese gardens and explore the bridges and islands there.

Ella explores so well, Jill has a hard time keeping up.

That stroller has gone all over. By now, it has gone on 22 flights... It needs a bath!
At the moment, since Ella is enjoying walking around, it gets a break.

Jill and Ella pose at the Japanese Gardens.

Ella and é run off to go see the geese.
That looks like fun!!

Later: geese, ducks, and Cambridge