August 21, 2011 - Cats, pandas & more at the zoo

Our lazy Sunday starts at the zoo.
It is a cool-ish morning (relative to the psat month), so the big cats are active.

This snow leopard finally moves around for our best view in four trips.

Ella's favorites! The giant pandas.

An orangutan contemplates how to resolve global warming.

Meanwhile, his gorilla cousin looks worthless.
Hey buddy, my tax dollars and entrance fees are paying for your free ride. If you're not going to dance for me, you can at least do odd jobs.

Ella runs to the next exhibit, proudly showing off her hand stamp.

One cool bird in the aviary.

...and another.

Kingfishers look so top-heavy.

Giraffes and osteriches look just fine in the Atlanta heat.

Els and Jill pretent to be meerkats.

After the zoo, we stop by Doc Chey's for lunch.
we hadn't been before - and loved it. Here, Ella tears into her fortune cookie!

Back home, Baby Llama oversees play-time.

Ella shows us how Teté has taught her to hold her baby.

Exhausted after a long day.

Baby Llama makes a decent pillow.