August 20, 2011 - August's 1st Birthday

We head over to Cheryl and Josh's for August's birthday party.
Who is August?

He's Francis' kid.
(Francis is Teté's friend, but you probably know that by now.)

He's a chunk. He weighs the same as Ella, but is 10 months younger.

"Hey, is that for me?"

"So hungry. Eating own hand. Hey, you, put the camera down and gimme something to eat. It has been 15 minutes. I'm dyin' here."

"This is more like it."

"Older girl. Nice."

"Older girl not blocking food. Perfect."

"Making me nervous..."

"I'll take that."

"Look. More cake under here."

"Nom. Nom. Nom."


Adriana and Francis goof off for the camera.
(OK, so it wasn't for my camera, but how could I not take this picture?!)

As we get ready to leave, Ella goes and gives Kenny a hug.

What an awesome neighborhood in Marietta - a new one off Lassiter Road.
It reminds me of Grim & Amanda's former place in Issaquah.

Ella's really gotten good at running.

It made me nervous to watch her run by the curb (seeing as she has lots of Jones blood in her, no offense to my lovely wife and father in law),

but she has to learn on her own. Besides, she'd already gone to the party...

Back home, we do a little milk

and reading before bed.

What a sweet moment.