July 24, 2011 - Molly's Birthday

The day after Ella and Teté finish the longest drive of their young lives (11 hours from Kittyhawk to Cumming), we weren't so sure they'd be up for getting back in the car, but thankfully they were.

So, it was off to Hoschton and Molly's birthday party.

Leading up to the cake and presents, the kids were all upstairs in the playroom.

Molly likes dressing up (if not pictures), which bodes well for the rest of the afternoon.

Els likes balloons and being outside, so things look to work out well for everyone.

Molly gets a remote controlled cigar boat like big bro's.

Then, while Molly moves to the ground to get better leverage for taking on wrapping paper, Ella moves to the prime seat.

Molly's back to her chair and still opening gifts.

Hard work, eh?

"Worth it!"

Two dresses!

Conner cleans up.

Then, while Molly is out showing off her new bike,

Conner passes out the party favors.
What a great little [rent-paying] hostess he is!

No worries. This is Molly, not Conner, trying on the princess gown and hair extensions.

Muy guapa!

There's our little tramp with her mariposa just above her diaper-line.
Too riske for pre-school.

Dress #2 (the 'Princess and the Frog' princess, as Molly told me).

Time for cake.

This pic was for Teté, whose sister likes pretty oranizational tools like this.

This is for me. My favorite new McGuire house item. They are two of the most creative and talented people I know. At once, it is simple, practical, and Hoschton (or Forsyth, for that matter).