July 18, 2011 - Kittyhawk

After breakfast, we headed south to go see the Cape Hatteras Light House.

Jill, Kelsey, Ella, and Teté are dwarfed by the lighthouse.

Chris, Tommy, and Laura stop for the photo op, too.
(Sorry the picture is smaller. I'm just happy to have this picture. Thanks, Terri!)

Ready to climb the stairs.

Ella and Laura aren't tall enough to climb the lighthouse, so they go to run around the mini museum together.

Ella SO wanted to be up in the light...

She wanted to go WAY up there

...like mom and Kelsey.

Ella is not a happy camper on the way home and cried the whole way, wanting a specific pacifier that we didn't have with us. We won't make that mistake again, but need to break her of being that spoiled.

Seeing Bodie Island Light means we're getting close to the cabin.

We must be really close now.

Yep. We're back. The girls are glad to be out of cars and happy to have quiet time (if not nap time) in their room.

It is too much fun. Teté has to join in!

Perhaps Ella's favorite part of the beach - all the different shoes people leave laying around.

Yeah, you got caught.

The Mulcay clan get together for a family photo.

Grandmama and her grandkids.

Els loves her big cousin, Kelsey.
Kelsey is one of the few Ella will let hold her.

Ella suffers through dealing with sand for a few pictures.

The Ayers pose by the pipe.

Elliot dances in the water.

Jill plays with Ella.

I love this one. It really shows off Els' hair.

The Scheri clan have the blues.