July 17, 2011 - Kittyhawk

After breakfast, Jill, Ella, and I check out the beach.
The beach is really wide here. Our houses (the closest one on the left) look so far away.

Els and I venture out onto the sand (which she doesn't particularly like).

She walks on it for a while until she figures out it gets between her toes.

Lovely pipe.

What a brave girl.

A first feel of the frigid water.

...and that's that. She wants no more part of the water.

Sad girl by a sad-looking pipe.

Get the hair out of your face. Good girl.

The pipe stretches for hundreds of yards. They use it in a 24-hour/day operation to fight mother nature and try to extend the life of the temporary sand dunes that comprise the Outer Banks.

Not that she can read, but I think she's nervous.

Yep, that's not a happy Ella.

She's often very cute when she cries.

Ella's happy to be in Teté's arms (and off the sand).

Artsy versions from my phone.

Teté heads off for a late afternoon stroll on the beach.

That night, as the middle generation went out to dinner, the grandparents and the chil'en had a luau.

They had poi and other fixins (and were allowed to eat with their hands).

Ella is still a bit too small to eat at the kids' table.

The luau fittingly moves to the beach (which Ella still doesn't like, explaining why she isn't pictured).