July 16, 2011 - Kittyhawk

Let the journey begin.
It starts with a ride to Hartsfield, then a carseat-less shuttle ride.

I think she likes the freedom.

She's certainly smiley.

After a short flight and moderate drive, we're at the cabin, where Ella (and Teté) enjoy the company of Elliot, Carmala, and Laura (not pictured today, but that'll change tomorrow).

Climbing on the couches of her new home for the week.

Carmala plays with Teté.


What is supposed to be naptime turns into a fairly quiet playtime.
They did a good job at spreading out all the toys and papers they brought.

(A throwback style photo from my new phone.)

I love this shot. Ella tries on Teté's hat and plays on the stairs.

Playing outside on the ocean-facing deck.

Els and 'Mala are buds.

Teté enjoys spending time with kids other than just Ella.