July 9, 2011 - Evan & Kyle visit

Ella's so excited about Evan and Kyle visiting, she stands vigil outside.

Her blue eyes scan the horizon.

Acknowledging she's being photographed, Ella shows a fairly genuine smile without even looking at the camera.

OK, it is hot outside, so we go inside for some pictures.

Ella loves her mommy.

What good looking girls.

Smile. Good girl.

Now try side-saddle. Muy bien!

OK, improv by going under the desk where only you can sit...

Kyle's here. So, what do you want to talk about, Ella?
Oh, you want to play?

Kyle is happy to run around with you,

and let you try on her sandals,

and do some sort of kung-fu thing in the bubbles Evan blows.

Kyle continues with "the bicycle" move.

Then the "over-zealous kangaroo."

Kyle rests as Evan blows

and blows.

"What's with all the pictures?"
(Clearly, someone didn't consider the tenacity with which I document things.)

Kyle and Ella have a turn with the bubbles.
What isn't pictured is a lovely dinner, some wine, and Kyle putting Ella to bed.
Fun night.