July 3, 2011 - Cumming Fireworks

We went out for sushi this Sunday afternoon.

Ella tries her hand at chopsticks.

Unexpected success.

Teté went down to Tampa with a friend, so we invited one of her other friends to join us for a family 4th of July, complete with BBQ and fixins.
(That's Lina on the left.)

After dinner, we headed over to watch the Cumming fireworks from a distance.
Lolly & Pop brought watermelon!

Ella loved it!

She sat herself down and had several pieces as we waited for the show to start.

The girl was really good, going to everyone to spend time with them.

Lolly and Ella share a sweet moment,

as do Grandma and Ella.

Els needs a minute alone.

That doesn't last long.
"Want my bracelet?"

Fireworks, finally!

Els watches some of the show with Lolly.

She watches some on Pop.

She watches some on Lina.

Then, she watches some with more watermelon.

Back to Pop. He's tall, so the view is better.

Holdin' on.

The grand finale.

Great show!