July 2011 - Misc. July

Misc. photos of July, mostly from my phone, but some didn't really fit anywhere else...

We had to meet someone downtown one day, so we decided Grant Park was as good a place as any.
We ducked into the zoo for a quick minute to see the panda, but it was hot. We didn't stay long.

Later, we milled around the Avenues at Forsyth.

I love that Ella loves climbing on statues.

Just beware of bronze lions, honey.

A picture of Ella from the morning Jill & I left Kittyhawk.

While we were on the Park N Fly shuttle bus, I got this picture (and the video below for which I'll try to fix up a viewer) from Ben of Ella holding onto Carmala holding onto Teté. Only a day before, Ella f-ing hated the beach.

Click here for a video Ben sent of the three girls walking on the beach. (Note: to view it, you have to be using a phone or a computer with a 3GP player.)

Cute girl.

Ella and I played hookey from work one day.
We enjoyed the mall.

Escalators are an adventure, but the point of the picture is the new shoes we got.

Hide & seek at Dillard's.

I taught her to go into the racks to hide. She thought she was more well-hidden, but I had an advantage which I only shared as we were wrapping the game up.