June 26b, 2011 - Zoo Atlanta with Kelsey and Sean


It starts with the staut of Willie B,

moves on to another statue,

and culminates in a good view of the gorillas (which we didn't get the previous weekend).

My little chimp holds on,

perhaps imitating the 'old men in the forest' on exhibit.

Kelsey takes Ella into the Naked Mole Rat exhibit, then crawls out the kiddie exit.

Els checks out the pandas.


Els is brave this week at the petting zoo, taking off without us.

Without prompting, she went right up to this goat.

Ella does tend to get shy when animals move, even a little bit, but not Kelsey.

Sean finds a goat to pet -

then finds a very hairy pig.

Big owl!
(Un buho para Gaby.>

A lounging 'Binturong' from southeast Asia.


Ella does her baby llama face.
Not sure why.
Maybe she sees one in the trees.)


It was a good day at the zoo!