June 26a, 2011 - Zoo Atlanta with Kelsey and Sean

We're zoo members now, so we all got in for free. (You may be seeing lots of zoo pics in the coming year.)

Ella was instant buddies with her big cousin, Kelsey.

Kelsey was so patient and kind to Ella. It was really amazing to see. I know she has younger siblings and all, but I was seriously impressed.

Off to the parakeet aviary, where we always start off zoo visits.

They attacked Kelsey's feeding stick (and buzzed Ella's head).

Paharito bonito.

Jill feeds a small flock of small birds.

A bird on the hand is worth five on the floor.

Twenty feet away, Sean has luck with the parakeets, too.


Sean was so excited to see the rhino, but whe we got there, he took off, leaving Kelsey, Jill, and Ella watching it.

There is it.

I love this picture.

Group photos at the giraffes.

Everyone poses in the lion photo.
Kelsey's first...

Then Sean.

Then Ella.