June 26-27, 2011 - at Grandmama's with Kelsey and Sean

(All captions courtesy of grandmama)

Ella, Sean and Kelsey played together so well.

First Sean was the doctor;

then Ella.

Ella self-medicating.

I took off her dress before feeding her Sunday night, and she ran off to play as soon as supper was over.
(She didn't seem to miss her dress.)
She dragged the keyboard into the den and played with it a while.

Sean showed Ella how the camper/truck works.

Ella self-medicating again.

She made several trips taking toys into the kitchen and putting them on her high chair tray. Then she said, "Up", so I put her in the chair and let her play.

She liked the dress up shoes and clomped around a while.

Then decided Sean's shoes were even better.