June 11, 2011 - Jen's graduation party (picking up Ella)

I was amused by the squirrel fights on our back deck...

Ella had a really long nap today and slept hard.

I thought that last picture (of her passed out) was worthy of getting my camera - but then I couldn't resist documenting her waking up.

This is not a normal wake-up for Els. She was really tired today.

Soooo fighting it.

She wants to stay asleep so badly.

Starting to wake up.



Real tears... it's OK.

Crazy hair.

See, wasn't this worth waking up?

Yogurt mustache.

Then onto a park, where we met a nice senora con un perro.

Swinging high!

For theh split second of weightlessness before free-fall, Ella's hair can go wherever it wants.

Ella likes company on the horsey.

OK, maybe not dad's company.

She's getting brave with slides again.

"Muy bien!"

She has to try the other side.

We had a big day today!