June 2011 - A compendium of Teté's daily updates

(All captions courtesy of Teté)

Bath time.

Ella is fine.

I love her new shoes, we were playing and painting outside!!

Ella is getting ready for her potty.

Almost her size

I love those blue eyes. Ella is great today, she had a great lunch, and after 10 mins she asked me for cheese lol. Well, I hope everything in your jobs are going good.

Working for dad!!!

She kissed all the babies in the book,.so cute

Taking care for her baby

Ella enjoyed to play loud the flute

We went shopping around the neighborhood, maybe she is gonna be like me sniff.sniff

She still prefer my shoes

Ready for a ride!!!

She spilled water on the floor and she took the towel and cleaned up the floor and the suitcase, but i didnt tell her anything, i was surprised to saw what she did, it was sweet for me.

In the spa. My turn.

Ella's turn.

Feeding herself, she was so hungry and had a big lunch