June, 2011 - from my phone

This was from one of those days where I saw sunrise at Hartsfield on the way 'to work' and sunset at Hartsfield on the way 'from work.'
(This is obviously sunrise as I wouldn't stop to take a picture on the way home.)

Els and I have a new routine of going to Chick-fil-A when Jill goes to tennis.
Well, we all go to CFA, but when mom goes to play tennis, Ella and I go to the playground.

Today she met a big girl that helped Ella down the slide (which Ella has recently become scared to do).

Later, it is off to the mall where we play on that play area.

Uh oh.

Don't do it! You have so much to live for!

Ella's first taco - a "gringo" at Cheeky.


Another weekend, Ella and I went to Barnes & Nobel. Ella found a book that came with bathtime turtles. After playing with one for a while, I finally got her to look back into the mesh-tube where she saw two additional turtles. Her response: "Ooo. Mas!"

A peanut butter sandwich at the pool on a lazy Thursday afternoon.