May 30, 2011 - Jen's graduation party (picking up Ella)

On the way home, we drop in at the Nall's for Jennifer's graduation party.

Mom's had Ella for a few days now. She brings Ella by, who isn't sure who those two really-excited people are. They look familiar.

"Oh. It's mama!"

Who's happier to see whom?

Clearly, she missed her mama more.

Ella and the graduate.

Ella sees "agua" and wants in.

Jill and I are still waterlogged, so Hannah takes care of Els.

Practicing with my camera.

The Nall's yard is gorgeous. So much to photograph...

Ella plays on the steps with Ashley.

Ashley puts Ella in the hot tub.
The party was fun - and lots of people were there - but we need to go home and settle in, so we were bad guests and left early.

Congrats, Jen!!