May 29, 2011 - Cancun - Day 5e: The Reception (Down & Dirty)

Nathan lies down, a bit exhausted from all the dancing.
Larry proceeds to make him regret that move.

There is a theme - Larry is in a lot of these. I'm not sure why Casey wants him mostly off the floor, but Larry is fine with it.

Yep, he's fine with it.

Whacha diggin' for, Holly?

Evan doesn't appear to know what's going on - or care.

Dance, spin, dip, kiss.
Sorry to Evan and Kyle for being victims of those last two parts.

Not sure we can get much lower than this.

"The swim and the surf."

Looks like a toad mating with a lizard.

...and Larry keeps going.

By now, I'm sweaty - disgusting, right? No way Holly wants to dance real close to me...

Oh... OK. I could be wrong.

Needless to say, I enjoyed dancing with Holly.


The party just kept going.
Fun reception!