May 29, 2011 - Cancun - Day 5d: The Reception (Dancing)

Let's highlight some of more normal-ish parts of the reception...

Well, the whole wedding and reception was unique, but the last page was 'Whip It' and the next page will be... shocking, so let's show some normal dancing and stuff...

The dance floor was awesome, by the way!

Kevin and Drew dance off.


Up, slow-mo.

Rich goes wide.
As someone put it, 'there are those weddings where the people make a circle and one or two people do a feature-style dance in the middle. This wedding is full of those people.'

Jill spins.

I flail.

Kevin and Brooke are enjoying every minute of the evening.

A dripping Evan chills with Nate for a while.

K&B are still out there.

Kevin is nonchilant, while Larry and Casey dance nearby (upright, for now).

Mandy and Travis are thrilled.

Jill & I are at it again.

Grant takes a break from picture-taking to take Caroline for a spin.

The crew takes a breather.

Holy cow. If it is cake-cutting time, the reception must be just starting.

Rich makes an appearance (sans belt) as fat Elvis to dance with grandparents.

I'm guessing aunt.

Nip slip!


1000 words... Colenol in a wife-beater. Groom dancing with Elvis. Bride giving them space. Cake being cut. Floor's all green.

Abigail and Jason are so photogenic, just sitting there.

Hello, Kevin's crotch.
No, this shot didn't make the upcoming dirty dancing page.

Kyle and Abs have beautiful smiles.

OK, Elvis is in the pool. It is about to be on...

The dancing looks to be cranking up as Larry and Abigail own the floor...

He looks so hot, I'd kiss him, too, honey.

The congo line goes way out into the sand, then back to the dance floor.

Resting up for tonight?

NOT resting up for tonight...

As the night winds down, Grant and Jason start checking out the pictures.
I jumped up to take one pic, then go back to dance more...