May 29, 2011 - Cancun - Day 5: The Wedding

Drew: "I know you planned the whole thing, dude, but you took the jabs about being bride a bit too seriously."
Mike: "This is not a good start. I hope my friends at VMWare don't Google 'DiPetrillo' and see these pics."

we head down to the beach for the wedding.
(Both of these are firsts for me & Jill - attending a wedding with wine and without shoes.)

What a setting!

The gents file in.
I like the distance shot that shows off the beach, but for those who want to see the guys,

here you go.
What a good-lookin' bunch of fellows.

Brooke's parents escort her in.

"We are all gathered here..."


The kiss.

Still kissing.

Kevin recesses with a little jig.

The wedding site was jut too cool; we had to have a picture, too.

As pictures are taken, the guests are treated to champagne on the beach.

The DiPetrillo clan - Mike, Brooke, John, Nancy, and Kevin.

The friends (or most of one of the circles, at least):
Nate, Larry, Casey, Evan, Kyle, Damien, Holly, Jill, me, Abigail, Mandy, and Travis.

More of the same:
Rich, Katherine, Abigail, Jason, Kasi, Alex, Kyle, Evan, Casey, Larry, Mandy, Travis, Holly, Damien, Caroline, Jill, me, Nate.

"Brooke, that's a dead end!"

A private moment, intruded-upon.

Brooke and Kevin have different takes on the classic, 'hey, look off in the distance' shot.
Both interpretations are perfectly relevant, though one is more... youthful...(?) than the other.
Of the hundreds of post-wedding shots, this is a great one (and Jill's idea) - the beach bed.


...and this little piggy went 'wee wee wee' as it got ripped off by a crab.

Look how happy the happy couple looks.
The whole week (and months of Kevin-planning) came down to this, it went off without a hitch and without drama. Not that they seem worried, but it has to be somewhat of a relief in addition to utter joy.

Grant (the official wedding photographer) and Caroline.

That's it.
Let's get off the beach and on to the reception!