June 29, 2011 - Ella at the Mt. Bethel Memorial Day Concert

(All captions courtesy of grandmama)

For the church's Memorial Day concert, we sat in the balcony in case Ella got restless. She likes her flags. She waved them and said something that sounded like "GEOR..GIA".

The concert is always great, but this year they had some special things.
There is always a salute to all 5 branches of the services, but this year there were cheerleaders, too.
The children sang with the adult choir and orchestra.
They were saluting WWII vets and the upcoming 10th anniversary of 9-11.

They did an Iwo Jima flag-raising reenactment and a reenactment of raising the flag at ruins of the World Trade Center.

Ella moved to the steps to see better.

First down a few, then up a few where she made new friends, then back down.

The performance is over ... Now to the food.

Ella loved her hotdog.

Down to the last bite.

Ice cream cone was good, too, but she ate it only until it got even with the cone.
I told her the cone was like a cookie, but she wouldn't eat it.

I wanted a picture of Ella with one of the New York City Firemen who were here as special guests. This was the best I could do.
It was a long day, but Ella did great.