June 29-30, 2011 - Coloring and Feed-time at Grandmama's

(All captions courtesy of grandmama)

This was the first time Ella colored at my house.

Coloring is serious business.
"Which color should I use next?"

"I found the one I want."

"Maybe I should just dump them all out and then put them back."

Ella loves to feed herself.
(Note her feet.)
"Why not use both the spoon and the fork?"

"Maybe one at a time is better."


"Or maybe I should use one in each hand."

"I think the rice is a little too hot, but I can cool it off."

Tea time.

Then the dishes go in the stroller.

The next day, Ella watched some sort of dinosaur cartoon on PBS. She was mesmerized by it.

Like her Daddy, she loved the show about animals.

Play time.