May 26a, 2011 - Cancun - Day 2b: swimming and more swimming

After lunch, we head about 35 seconds down the street to the Akumal Dive Shop. We rent some gear and go snorkeling. Within a few minutes, we find the first of several sea turtles swimming freely in the bay. Very cool. A trip highlight, to be sure.

Celebrating with a beer (yes, even Jill has one).

OK, Brooke skips the beer in favor of a Coco Loco - a very rummy thing in a coconut they hollow-out while you wait.

Last stop: swimming and jumping at a cenote (a collasped limestone cave).
We all jump from the cliff and swim in the crystal clear (and cool) fresh water.

Brooke jumps in for the camera.

The surface is further down than it looks.

Kevin's turn.



Jill goes.


Jill stands on the surface of the water for 0.00001 second.

Itty bitty splash.

Who is that idiot stepping off the tree?

Show off.

Nice form!

OK. All done.

We head back to the Hacienda.

Behind our room we see a very cute, edible-looking thing.

Then an equally-cute, but less edible-looking coati.

Tomorrow: beds on the beach, kayaks, vows, and more.