May 26a, 2011 - Cancun - Day 2a: Tulum and lunch

Thursday morning, we wake up fairly early and head out to Tulum with Kevin and Brooke.
Our first glimpse of the coast by Tulum...

Wow - picturesque!

Our turn!

Slow down, big fella. Where's the fire?
Oh, under your feet. (It is hot here...)

Down by the beach.

There were some pretty scenic buildings that you couldn't get close to and it was simply too hot to care to learn what they were.

These people have the right idea.

There's my pretty woman.

Kevin strains something.

Back to cute photo-ops.

Stair steps.

Ah - lunch time in Akumal at a place we've been reading about for... well... about 20 minutes now.

Save it for the wedding night...

OK, I guess this is as good a spot as any. Carry on.
Serioulsly, this is a cool view

for lunch.