May 8, 2011 - Showing the Play House to the Grandparents

Back in the back yard again.

Lolly and Pop come over to play.

The love (and dwarf) Ella's little house.

That's because it is Ella-sized.

Time swing.

Back in the house. I can't keep up with her!

Sitting down where only Ella can.

Grandmama comes over with a llama doll.

Instant love...

Ella takes the llama inside and makes a baby-llama face with it.

The group relaxes for a moment.

Jill shows Ella a picture Pop just took.

A female cardinal isn't shy since we're so far below her.

"Where's dada? I hear him."

"There he is!"

The trees are really growing in this year!

You can't see the houses behind us at all.