May 3-24, 2011 - New Armidillo, Rich & Katherine, Letter Forts, Waking Up, Monkey Grass, Civiche, and Watermelon

Bridget & Brendan found this in Texas and knew it belonged in Cumming. Thanks!!

Hey, Ella, the camera's over here.

Hey, Katherine...

Screw it; look at each other. That'd be cute, too.

Rich gets some Ella love.

Nice. That's what I'm talking about. Give him a kiss, too?

That's my sweet girl.

Random Saturday morning, we make a maze/path out of her blocks.

She likes it.

"Oh, wow."

Sacked out after a big day, we have to wake her up from her nap.

She is passed out.

Jill takes the cork out and Ella doesn't move.

Finally, she rouses.


(monkey sound)

"OK, I'm ready for the rest of the day.

I'm so happy - Bill & Carey brought me a ton of monkey grass. We can replace all that died over the winter (cut back too far) and prevent the bark from washing away.

Teté made civeche for us one day.
Oh my gosh, so good!

Ella tried watermelon for the first time. She didn't like it at first, but then decided she loved it.
No pictures of her actually eating it, though. Sorry.

She's such a cute kid.