May 1-2, 2011 - pine cones and "ahh" at Grandmama's

I love the tennis dress.

Ella thinks she is supposed to copy me and squat down as I take her picture.

Her first taste of Grandmama's peanut butter...yum yum.

I was trying to get her to drink more, so I would take a swallow of my drink

and then say, "Ahhh". Ella copies everything. This time, she noticed the bubbles.

Ella insisted on carrying the bottle outside.

Hurry up Grandmama.

The sewer cover is the perfect place to blow bubbles and rest.

What's in the sewer?

Ella picked up a pinecone and threw it. Then it became a game.

Ella and Grandmama say "Cheers" before Ella relaxes in the high chair.

Ella loves the Fisher Price little people. I showed her how they fit in the chairs and benches. There were more people than chairs, so Ella discovered 3 people would fit in the cow's trough. More fit in beds, which she put down with a "night night."

Time to clean up before meeting mom. Have to park the strollers just so. Another fun day.