April 30, 2011 - Au Pair family picnic

A new place with new toys - what more could Ella want?

Francis plays with one of Adriana's kids.

Els finds a playhouse and loves it.

Nice hats!

Josh (Francis' host father) shows off their big fella, August ("Gusy").

Ella is intrigued at this baby - 8 months old (so 10 months younger) and 1 pound heavier than her.

Nice sharing, Ella.

Pretty girl.

"Do I have to give him back his shoe. Have you seen his nose?"

Back to the playhouse.

Up the tire-stairs with Sara, one of Adriana's kids.

They were inseparable for the better part of the afternoon.

She likes the playhouse.

Economy silly bands.

Give Francis nothing to do for 15 minutes and she'll start up a game of something.

See four hot girls playing volleyball and some guys will eventually join in.

Nice jump serve.

Back home, Ella runs around a bit more with her shopping cart.

In a pickle.

Ella sets up for tea time in the sun room.