April 23b, 2011 - at the Aquarium, part 2

We take a moment to go check out the public area of the dolphin exhibit.

Then, back down to the main areas - and the Tropical Diver area.

Ella really likes the colorful fish and the big windows.

Cute girls.

Ella loves Teté so much.

Fish faces!

The Mulcay family.

Adriana, Nate, Teté, and Francis pose in front of the big coral reef.

Fish faces!

The shark tunnel.

The big window.
(Notice, three whale sharks in this shot. I really didn't realize they had that many still alive.)


Ella's such a good, happy kid.

What a majestic creature.

Teté and friends take it all in.

Ella and Jill play.

Feeding-time for the whale sharks.

That was neat to see.
All in all, we spent 4-5 hours in the Aquarium.
Ella loved it and fought through nap time to see it all, then totally passed out through lunch.
What a big day!