April 23a, 2011 - at the Aquarium

It is a foggy morning in Atlanta - a good time to be inside.

Cathy/Cate and Ben meeting us at the Aquarium

with Francis, Adriana, Teté, and Nathan.

First stop - the petting zoo area (as always).

Then, we head over to the Georgia section where Ella marvels at the lionfish.

Ella makes fast friends with Ben.

"No - that way, dada."


Ella shows off the fish-face that her grandma taught her.

Cate and Ben.

The girls show off their fish-faces. Las muchachas mustran sus caras de pez.

Francis touches the anemones.

"Why would you touch that?"

What do you call an underwater salad tossing?

On a more innocent note: Ella tossing.


They re-did the penguin exhibit and Teté, Nate, Francis, and Adriana crawl through the penguin tunnel and pop up in the lookouts.

Ella and I follow suit.