April 10-18, 2011 - hide & seek, spoon-feeding, sick, well, and taco night

Ella loves hide & seek.

This is her favorite spot - in the corner of the living room.

She fits perfectly.

Looking for mommy...

There she is!

Ella hides again.

Hazel, the appropriately-named dogwood.
(Thanks for the idea, Amy!)

Ella feeds herself rice.

She's actually good at this.

Keep the face clean...

Load up the spoon and do it again...

A virus went through the house.
I took her to the doctor when she wasn't getting well quickly enough for me.

She was a good girl about it - or maybe just too tired to take the mask off.

Watching TV at home.

We're finally feeling better, so Teté cooks dinner for us.

Mmmm... amazing steak!
Spicy, but great!

What a spread!

Even Ella liked the steak and kept coming back for more.
Thanks, Teté!