April 9, 2011 - Doggies and Koreys at the park

We went to that new Forsyth park again, but this time with a hat, which Ella did not like.

The hat didn't last long, but Ella was still wary of its return.

Ella rests assured of the hat's prolonged absence as she rides the horsey.

Nice pose, cowgirl.

Horsey #2.

Good climin', girl!

Way to make friends - bribe her with pine nuggets.

Ella follows the other girl down the slide.

Jailbird friends.

Making all sorts of friends - this time with a little wiener.

Yes, they like it when you poke their feet.

A little less brave, are you?

Picnic time.

Ella experiments with a peanut butter sandwich.

She loves it!!
She eats a big lunch.

Back on the playground, Ella plays with the mulch.

Tim Korey (another college roommate) happens to be at the park with his little baby walrus.

Tim does the intros.

Osito negro.

Ella plays with all sorts of dogs today.

Jill's favorite tree (in our yard) - a super-tall dogwood, which we oddly haven't named.