April 3, 2011 - Bimbo and Matryouskas

"Dada, get me 'Oso Bimbo'."

Ella walked around all morning with her Bimbo bear.

She LOVES the bear.
Ama este oso.

Posing, holding the bear by the

What's the bear working with?

I loved it when Ella took the bear over to her books, sat down, and 'read it' "Snow White."

It was tough to read with the sheep-dog hairdo.
Dad was on duty, so no barrette today.
Where are you, Ella?

There's Ella!

On to the matryoshka dolls.

Palak had a hit on her hands when she got Ella the dolls.

Els has endless fun shaking the dolls (not knowing if another one is inside), opening, closing, etc.

She's good at the opening,

but not so much with the closing.

She got this one, though.

So happy!

Who has all those teeth?

"I do!"

"Dada's mean. I moved every doll, one-at-a-time, into the den. Dada just watched and laughed. He didn't offer to help. En verdad, no es un buen hombre."

"I offer him a doll, anyway"

"So much fun. Thanks, Auntie Palak!"